Scotsman TC180-SR Ice Water Dispenser

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Scotsman TC180-SR Ice Water Dispenser

Scotsman counter-top Ice Dispenser producing cubelet ice, designed for hands-free operation with 5 kg storage capacity.

–  By far the dryest and hardest form of Flake ice, it is produced at just below zero degrees Celsius just like all other flake ice forms, but it is then compressed to remove excess residual water, reducing it to as low as 10% of its original volume.

– They allow customers to cool their drinks as per their own taste, making it easy and preventing any potential sanitary hazards: clear and pure ice bits drop directly into the consumer’s glass, with no manipulation.

– This line, in its different versions, is now available in the “Long Range” version that offers an unprecedented 9 kg in-built bin, keeping the same dimension as the original 5 kg version.

– For those locations where the dimension of the counter are limited, we are offering the “Short” version, whose depth has been reduced by close to 6 cm, allowing for installation on most counters. The capacity of the
storage bin will not change though, granting the same amount (5 kg) of Scotsman “Cubelet” super compressed ice.

– Available in 3 configurations: ice & water touch free or manual, ice only
touch free.

– Dimensions (WxDxH: 390  x 600 x 874  mm
– Max. production/24hrs: 120 kg
– Bin Capacity: 5 kg
– Weight: 64 kg
– Voltage Options: 230/50/1
– Fuse / CB Rating (amps): 13
– Load (watts): 670
– Additional Information: Recommended Water Filter HF20-S

Warranty:  2 year parts and labour


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