Puly Caff Group Head Cleaner 900g

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Puly Caff is the heavy duty, fast dissolving cleaning powder product used for backflushing the Group Heads on coffee machines.

It can be used to clean filter baskets and filter handles as well as cups, jugs, spoons and teapots.

Simply mix some Puly Caff with warm water and soak the parts from your coffee machine which have become dirty for around an hour, when you remove the parts from the bowl they will be cleaned, looking shiny and new.

To backflush the Group Head on a coffee machine you should put some Puly Caff in a blind or blank filter basket and then run it as if to make a drink.

A foam will appear from the waste or disposal pipe, this should be repeated until it runs clear, then a normal backflush with just water should be performed so the cleaning products are completely gone.

NOTE: Allways follow safety guidelines when preparing or dealing with potentially dangerous substances


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