Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II

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Aurelia II is the 2012-2014 World Barista Championship official espresso machine. Aurelia II is dedicated to demanding professional baristas because it guarantees even more advanced performance in terms of accuracy, extraction quality, flexibility and consistency of results. best for high quality coffee shops, high volume locations, demanding professionals,barista competitors, specialty coffee shops.
traditional coffee machine with innovative T3 technology; LCD graphic display with rotary switch, independent temperature programming for each group; insulated boilers; SIS brewing system; WBC settings; reverse mirror, LED light on the work surface; milk LED on the steam nozzle; Volumetric dosing ( “V” version ) or manual (“S” version); 2 stainless steel cool touch steam wand, 1 hot water wand with economizer, programmable electric cup warmer (optional) External pump pressure adjustment, teflon coated filter holder; metal professional tamper, USB slot; added height groups (optional); easy cream system (optional)
T3 technology
The T3 system establishes new reference standards for temperature accuracy in water supply. The barista can set the temperature distribution of each group with maximum flexibility, using 3 different parameters (water, group, steam).
Temperature control by display
Aurelia II grants a unprecedented accuracy temperature control, regardless of the workload or environmental conditions. The water supply temperature of each group can be controlled in real time from the display..
Safe and Comfortable
Great number of ergonomics features: the work surface is evenly lit, while the back is angled so the barista can check at a glance on the coffee coming from the spout, while LED by the steam nozzles are capable of illuminating the interior of the milk jug.
On aurelia both the height and the temperature of every single group can be adjusted to be suited to any use and blend.
Rich in equipment, in the three different versions: semi-automatic, volumetric, competizione and digit, with many useful optional, aurelia suits any need.
External pump regulation
Baristas can regulate the pump without the presence of a technician.
Creamy cappuccinos
The autosteam wand enables anyone to make a thick and velvety milk cream, always at the same temperature.
2 Group
230V & 380V (S version)
230V & 380V (V version)
3 Group
230V & 380V (S version)
230V & 380V (V version)

  • electric cup warmer
  • easy cream steam nozzle
  • cool touch nano tech wand kit


Also available in;

  • Aurelia II T3 – 2 group semi
  • Aurelia II T3 – 3 group semi
  • Aurelia II T3 – 2 group volumetric
  • Aurelia II T3 – 3 group volumetric
  • Aurelia II – 2 group semi
  • Aurelia II – 3 group
  • Aurelia II – 4 group
  • Aurelia II V – 2 group volumetric
  • Aurelia II – 3 group volumetric
  • Aurelia II – 4 group volumetric
  • Aurelia II – 2 group digit
  • Aurelia II – 3 group digit
  • Aurelia II – 4 group digit


Height: 685mm

Depth: 635mm

Width: 864mm

Weight: 74Kg


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