Marco Mix PB3 Multi-Temp

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An innovation in water boilers: three temperatures, three volumes on demand. Vacuum insulated tank allows for up to 70% more energy-efficiency. It is suitable for a compact cafe setup, this 0.8 gallon boiler heats up water with three different temperatures by just touch of a button. The PB3 is excellent, this fast & efficient system saves a lot of energy, many appreciation for having insulated atmospheric boiler design.

Available Options :
– Font 3 Temp – No drip tray
– Font 1 Temp – No drip tray
– Drip Tray Kit

– Next generation energy efficiency.
– Vacuum insulation.
– Multi-temp on selected models.
– Built-in water filter on selected models.
– Accurate programmable portion dispenses.
– Counter-top and under-counter.
– Autofill/plumbed.
– Modern stylish fonts.
– Drip tray kit for counter-top or in-counter installation.

– Dimensions: (DxWxH mm) 435 x 210 x 421
– Power: 230V ; 2.8KW
– Weight: 11KG
– 28 litre output per hour
– 156 cups (180ml) per hour


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