Krome Bigger Flush Mount Pitcher Rinser

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Krome Pitcher Rinser Flush Mount Bigger

Material: Stainless Steel 304
Keep your pitchers and glasses clean and cool by locating the rinser next to your espresso machine and in between gives a blast of pressurised water to prepare for next drink preparation.
You’ll save water and time with a pitcher rinser on your espresso bar.
Inner size:
Length 254mm
Width 152mm
Water inlet is 3/8 John Guest and drain is 1/2 inch.
Replacement parts available.
No electricity required.

Approx. cut-out size for counter:
248mm x 145mm
(check before cutting)

The Krome Dispense are an effective solution to this problem, just push down the black support base with your milk pitcher and water will spray inside it, washing out the leftover milk into the connected drain. This process helps cool down the milk pitchers between every use, so you can achieve the best micro-foam possible out of your milk.


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