Hario V60 02 Glass Range Server 700ml

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Hario V60 02 Range Server 600ml

The Hario Range Server has another name called a microwave server, reason being its a microwave – friendly. This can also be equipped for the V60 coffee equipment or be done separately to be given all kinds of beverages. Also, this has been manufactured by top – quality borosilicate glass, V60 coffee server and this have two measuring lines (cups alongside ml). As a result of this, this makes it easy for the brewing the coffee up to 2 to 6 individual each cup carry 130ml.

Furthermore, the V60 02 Range Server is unique and simple glass design texture for homes or even coffee house layouts. Hario Range Server, this does not include with a plastic handle were its attached towards a plastic ring around the neck of the coffee sever. From this, wherever how hot it is inside, the heat from the glass sever will be delivered towards the handle. The Hario V60 02 server has a lid which complies and fits well however, it is not air tight letting coffee to cool down at a slow pace.

– East to clean
– Microwave – safe
– Capacity of 600ml
– Borosilicate glass





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