Eversys E'4m x-wide/Classic

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The E’4s x-wide/ST is an E’4s/ST conceived with more space: 84 cm width, making room for two Baristas to use the machine simultaneously. This machine is designed to produce 350 espresso per hour.

– 350 espresso per hour, (at 23s extraction time), 350 cappuccino per hour. (at 23s extraction time),
170 hot water products per hour
– Four products at the same time
– Two steam wands with Everfoam
– Milk system with EMT
– 2x 1.5-Step
– e’Levelling
– Standard colour Charcoal
– Customised colour (on request)
– Without steam wand
– High hot water outlet
2x 1.5-Step
– 2x Cold milk foam
– 2x 2 milk types
–  2 x Adjustable Americano temperature
– Adjustable hot water temperature (manual)
– Under counter ground coffee disposal
– Powder Chute
– 2x Crema nozzle (in combination with Coffee Nozzle or Espresso Nozzle)
– 2x Single coffee outlet
– 2x Cup centering guide
– Red lid for cleaning ball dispenser
– Bean hopper lock
– 2 x Self-Service pre-configured (Single coffee outlet, cup centering guide, without 1.5-Step, without steam wand)

– Dimensions (W/H/D):  849 x 743 x 660 mm ( 33.4 x 29.2 x 26 in)
Weight: 131 kg
Brew chamber: 2 x 24g
Grinder: 2 x Ceramic burrs 64 mm
User Interface: 2 x Touch Screen 10.1”
Bean hopper: 2 x 1.5 kg
Coffee outlet height max1: 90 mm
Hot water outlet height: 160 mm
– Interface: 2x USB, 1x Ethernet, CCI/CSI/API
– Coffee boiler size: 2 x 1.5 L
– Steam boiler size: 5.4 L
– Grounds drawer: 700 g
– Machine ONUp to: 10200
– Standby ModeLess than: 2 W



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