DIP Retail Grinder DK-30

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The DIP retail grinder DK-30 was designed to shift coffee bean flavours at a glance. It’s design and usability malkes this machine one of the favourite among the most demanding retail shops, cafe’s, coffee bars etc

Tehnical information
Motor power
Average grinding capacity
Hopper capacity
Hopper magnet
Grinding disc diameter
Net weight
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Standard colour
0,75 kW
500 g/min.
500 g
Ø 80 mm
21 kg
210x250x480 mm

The grinder has a large grinding capacity at all settings, giving the user stepless grind adjustment of grinding fineness. Discs are so hard wearing that they can be re-sharpened 2-3 times. Not to mention the ease of clean and maintaining the machine is second to none!

With its 80mm burrs makes it ideal for bulk brewing as well.

Warranty: 12 months parts only


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