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DK-30F keeps all the elements of the DK-30 coffee shop model, which for 20 years was the proven as the most versatile grinding machine. Designed to shift between flavors and set the grinding fineness at a glance, the machine becomes uniquely flexible to grind for both espresso and traditional cupping grind-settings, as well as all stops in-between (drip, filter, batch, French press, Turkish, the list goes on!) The DK-30F model, is now redesigned for hosting a filter recipient, or any recipient the Barista needs for his specialties. No residual coffee between shifts, due to its newly installed shaking lever.

• Large grinding capacity at all settings
• Cool and homogeneous particle distribution that preserves coffee’s taste and aroma
• Step-less grind adjustment for precise grinding fineness at any grid
• Accurate, wear resistant burrs
• Disks can be re-sharpened 2-3 times
• Easy to calibrate, clean and maintain

Technical information DK-30F
Voltage – Frequency 220-230V / 50 Hz
Motor power – 0,75 kW
Average grinding capacity – 500 g/min.
Hopper capacity – 500g
Hopper magnet – Yes
Grinding disc diameter – Ø 80 mm
Net weight – 21 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) 210 x 250 x 480 mm
CE- Conformity – Yes
Standard colour – Black



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