Chemex 8 Cup Wooden Collar

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The Chemex coffeemaker is an unique, single piece which is shaped as an vessel. This is produced form high quality, heat resistant glass. The Chemex model provides you a polished wood collar & leather tie. Also, the collar itself gives a insulated handle which is part of the middle of this coffeemaker.

– The Chemex lets coffee to cover up & refrigerated for being heated over and over again, this does not lose any flavours.
– This model holds about 1180ml
– Very easy & simple to handle with no time given
– Unique & elegant design
– Manufactured from non-porous Borosilicate glass, were this would not absorb odors or even chemical residues.

8 Cups
Diameter – 5″
Height – 9  1/8″
Capacity – 40 ounce


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