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The Astoria Core600 Leva is a traditional espresso coffee for the Italy. This is sublimated onto a useful design object which can become the protagonist in all sorts of environment. The Core600 blends in a tradition of technology alongside passion for espresso, the Core, espresso has a different design which looks unique and elegant.

A new language for the keypad

Having the Core600, interaction with the user speaks a new contemporary language through STB (Sensitive Touch Buttons), the delicate backlit keyboard ensure with just a light touch and lets the barista to select the coffee and automatically pours coffee. Having association more intuitive and, in the TS version, offering a more comfortable display reading angle.

A new light for the cup warmer tray

The Core600 brings attention in-detail and has relatively re-invented the cup warmer, this turns into a designer light which increases the three dimensional aspect of the coffee machine. Returning it to its rightful place: at the centre of the bar. Customisable in intensity and colour, the led lights help in making a unique environment.

More strength for the side panels

Manufactured to exalt Core600’s shape. The elegant finish with satin or varnished sides provides the coffee machine to be placed sturdiness. The Core600, built and functionality totally merge onto an aesthetic results which resonate in machine by pouring excellent coffee.


• Indicator boiler pressure and level
• Temperature/pressure setting
• Supply/delivery pressure display *
• Time and date setting
• Language setting
• Cup warmer indicator light *
• Autosteamer button *
• Dispensing time groups
• Viewing the warnings
• Energy saving setting
• Viewing partial/global counter (including teas and washes)
• Setting date, time, weekday, machine On/Off
• Machine power-off (stand-by)
• Firmware release display
• Beverage delivery chart display
• Energy consumption chart display


1 Group:
– Dimensions (WxDxH) 580 x 580 x 557 mm
– Net Weight: 62.5lb
– Boiler Capacity: 6ltr
– Power: 3kw / 13.1 amp
– Voltage: 120 / 230-400 / 240 V

2 Group:
– Dimensions (WxDxH) 788 x 580 x 557 mm
– Net Weight: 74.5lb
– Boiler Capacity: 10.5ltr
– Power: 3.7kw / 16.1 amp
– Voltage: 120 / 230-400 / 240 V

3 Group:
– Dimensions (WxDxH) 1030 x 580 x 557 mm
– Net Weight: 89.5lb
– Boiler Capacity: 17ltr
– Power: 5.3kw / 23.1 amp
– Voltage: 230-400 / 240 V


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