NHS Discount

I hope everyone is well and staying at home due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. We are proud of all our NHS workers who have dedicated their life’s and time to treat people who are flooding into hospitals with symptom’s of this deadly virus.

At Coffee Omega, we are delighted to offer all NHS employee’s a discount towards paying for anything on our website they will be entitled to 10% off.  We are proud to be offering this discount until end of May 2020. The code that needs to be used at checkout is nhsheros2020  please note you will need to order with a valid NHS email and once ordered we will send out an auto confirmation email which you need to reply back and confirm before we send out any orders (any email orders other than valid NHS email will be voided)

Please contact us, as we are here to support and help you with anything during this critical period.

Emial: info@coffeeomega.co.uk




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