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Eversys Coffee Machines

Espresso is the essence of the bean, the true reflection of the ‘terroir’ as well the bean’s DNA.  Eversys, they create a  ‘true espresso with a touch’, the optimisation of extraction through a reverse gravity process, ensuring the most of the raw material. And from the basis of that syrupy essence, Eversys manufacture a whole arrangement of products, leading edge mixture, in line with traditional barista criteria of taste and texture.

The E’ Barista System:

Eversys journey of the coffee bean mirrors has there traditional route – electronic grinder adjustment, precision driven brewing, extraction optimisation alongside thermal integrity creates the quality, on going & productivity that leads to sustainable profits.

1 – Grinding:

Eversys manufactured ceramic blades driven by a powerful yet quiet motor, whose heat is cleverly channelled away from the coffee beans, so they can keep hold of their quality by a set of fans. The electronic control maintains on going products through the day, making sure optimal extraction at all times.

2 – Tamping:

An 24-gram brewing chamber to ease single cycle huge beverages is managed by electronic tamping to fully guarantee on going quality.

3 – Temperature:

Committed coffee boilers, partitions from the water / steam boiler which supply productivity alongside temperature stability, essential parts of in – cup quality.

4 – Brewing:

Reverse gravity extraction vertical infusion maximise powder efficiency as the espresso is manufactured.

5 – Milk Frothing:

Milk is frothed with steam in a one – step procedure, promoting flavour alongside as texture, mirroring the barista experience.

6 – Creating:

All items are pre-programmed to be distributed in a compatible and efficient way, placing seamless work rate alongside quality at the forefront of the customers experience.

The Benefits:

– Barista’s Qaulity
– Low Labour Cost
– Productivity
– Consistency
– E-Foam
– Space
– Modularity
– No Compromise
– E-Clean
– Simplicity
– Pull Telemetry
– Push Telemetry

If you are interested in any Eversys Coffee Machines, please do visit our website down below and there are different types of models which you can purchase from. We also have great 3 to 5 years leasing deals for the ‘Cameo’ and for the ‘ShotMaster’.

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Felicita Scales

Accurate, rapid & reactive, Felicita scales would make a vital impact from your appreciation of coffee weighing to another level!

Felicita Arc Scales:

Image result for felicita arc scales"

The Felictia Arc Scales is super rapid & precise response time and auto-tare / auto-timer modes which makes it an intelligent coffee scales. The size of this Arc scale is huge which can hold up to two espresso cups or even hold up a portafilter, alongside its small enough to fit onto a drip tray. One advantage of this elegant Arc scale is that, it is water resistant which helps to prevent any water damage alongside it is ideal for weighting espresso shots. Also, the Arc scales has a LED weight / timer dual display, Bluetooth connectivity with Felicita App

The types of accessories which are included are ‘removable heat resistant rubber mat’, ‘100g calibration weight’ & ‘Micro USB charging cable’.

Felicita Parallel Waterproof Scales:

Image result for felicita parallel waterproof scale"
The Felicita Parallel waterproof scales is one the largest scales, parallel, having its smooth appearance, hold up to a total capacity of 2kg alongside precision towards 0.1g. Having said this, Baristas will guarantee that the coffee is consistent all the time. This Parallel’s features do also have auto-tare, an auto-start alongside a stop time. All of this can be done by simply with a touch display to assemble the coffee brewing ritual much simpler.

Felicita Parallel, has a lithium-ion USB charge which is different to the Arc Scale. The accessories which are included are ‘removable heat resistant rubber mat’, ‘100g calibration weight’ & ‘Micro USB charging cable’.

Felicita Incline Scale:

Image result for felicita incline scale"

The Felicta Incline Scale has been manufactured for coffee connoisseurs. This Incline Scale is suitable on majority drip trays for espresso alongside it is ideal for all pour overs. The Incline Scale, having this super fast response time, this measures both time & weight. It is also water resistant & durable as the Arc scales. This Incline comes along with a removable heat resistant rubber mat where this ensures weighing in portafilters simple. Also, the Incline Scale has a customisable smart auto-off functionality.

Felicita Incline, has a lithium-ion USB charge which is the same as the ‘Parallel’.. The accessories which are included are ‘removable heat resistant rubber mat’, ‘100g calibration weight’ & ‘Micro USB charging cable’.

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Victoria Arduino Eagle One


Image result for victoria arduino eagle one


Eagle One is born in response to the new generation of coffee shops where DESIGN, PERFORMANCE, and SUSTAINABILITY are determining factors to create a pleasant and memorable experience.

The VA Eagle One is been manufactured to lessen our environmental impact by embracing new technology. All use of carbon emissions from power consumption are reducing the use of new materials alongside all the unique design of the machine. A good thing about this is that, this can save you a lot of money on power cost, mostly when comparing to other types of machines.


Moving on, the NEO Engine utilise a quick rapid heating system with a elegant insulation mechanism, which deducts not only heat dispersion alongside with energy consumption. This rapid heating system functions really quickly, which lets the necessary amount of water for the extraction to heat up and this reduces energy-related costs.

The productivity alongside performance stays at very top, however consumption is being reduced. The LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) showed on how unique Eagle One which has a 23% less environmental impact regarding the duplicate category machine.


TERS (Temperature Energy Recovery System) utilise the release water to pre-heat the approaching water. The result is a 8% saving on total machine consumption.

Also, Victoria Arduino are soon releasing a App which everyone can be downloaded on your phone. This is coming soon for all Eagle One users so do do not miss out!

We have got some fantastic leasing deals over 3 to 5 years where you can lease from. PLASE NOTE: Machine only

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The London Coffee Festival 2020



Image result for london coffee festival 2020


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and started well in 2020.

The celebration of all thing’s coffee is back, and so are we!

The annual London Coffee Festival is one of the world’s largest gathering for everyday coffee connoisseurs and industry professional alike, coming together to celebrate London’s vibrant coffee culture and familiarise themselves with the latest machinery, gadgets and trends.

With over 30,000 coffee lovers and foodies, professional baristas, coffee shop owners and top decision-makers expected to attend, The London Coffee Festival promises to be a unmissable event for all coffee lovers and industry folk alike.

At the moment we are still deciding on what we will be showing to you on the event. In the mean time, we are looking forward to you all on 2nd April to 5th April 2020.

The Round Up:

Location: Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QR

Date: 2nd – 5th April 2020

Grab your tickets here:



AereoPress GO


AeroPress Go on mug next to lid


The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker is built to fuel an active lifestyle. It provides coffee lovers everything they need to easily brew superb coffee anywhere you want. Like the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go brews American, espresso, and cold brew style coffee that can be enjoyed as is or used in a wide range of energising and refreshing drinks.

Like all great inventions, deceptively simple, yet marvellously pleasurable to use. A range of members have tried to improve upon it, and no-one can. Perfectly portable, lightweight, almost indestructible, and there are number of ways to brew using it.

– Delicious coffee anywhere
– Fast & Easy
– Compact, Durable & Lightweight
– Simple (Unique)

More information can be found:



Christmas Sales

Not long to go for Christmas, it is one the busiest period throughout the year for Bars, Hotels & Restaurants.

To ensure you have a excellent festive period, we are focused in providing you fast & efficient service for all your purchases. Therefore we have ongoing sales to enable you to choose the right gift for your loved ones, from La Spaziale S1 mini Vivaldi, domestic home grinders and accessories to go with it.

visit our sales page to see latest offers:

All items in stock for immediate delivery. Please note our last day of working day is on Monday 23rd Dec and our last day of all shipment.


Top 5 Coffee Machines

Top 5 coffee machines for new start-ups

You’ve always had this idea of running your own café or coffee shop but don’t know where to start or the daunting task of making these crucial decisions of what to buy and where to get it from. This blog will help you make these decisions and hopefully by the end you will have a clear idea what direction to take. We will be looking at top 5 options for coffee shops.

The Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech
First on the list is the fantastic black eagle gravitech traditional coffee machine manufactured by the Simonelli group based in Italy.

The Black Eagle Grav sits comfortably at the top of the Victoria Arduino’s speciality coffee machine range. It’s dedicated to those who have given their time and lives in research, study, and experiment to bring the perfect cup!

Gravitech configurations together with the T3 technology gives that extra control of temperature stability, resulting in maximum precision, control and accuracy regardless of workload or environmental condition. This achieves higher level of consistency and control over brewing process maximizing the precision in every cup. Brew ratio is the relationship between the weight of the ground coffee and the liquid in the cup, although there isn’t an ideal brew ratio as it varies for each coffee, but gravimetric technology in the Black Eagle means you can achieve the same brew ratio consistently.

Victoria Arduino Mythos One
Second on the list is the illusive Victoria Arduino Mythos One grinder with Clima Pro technology. One might say all grinders are the same, they grind coffee. Yes they do! But some give greater control over grind profile, consistency of dosing and unwanted wastage. Mythos One was born to give greater control of grind consistency, this was achieved by adding controlled amount of heat to the burr chamber. Combine this with the unique clump crusher system which gives fluffier grinds and you get a fantastic accurate grinder that’s consistent with dosing.

Fetco CBS 2131 XTS
Filter coffee is becoming popular and coffee shops are looking into ways of capitalising on this. Fetco are becoming pioneers in the field of batch brewing hence why our third choice is the 2131 XTS as its ideal for any café, restaurant, bar or even office. Featuring the Extrator Brewing system with touch screen navigation making it very easy to use. It can produce approx 14.5 – 29 litres of coffee per hour making it great value for money.

Markibar Izaga On Demand
Our fourth and easily the best new comer to the industry is the Markibar Izaga grinder. Manufactured and engineered in Spain by 2 dedicated engineering experts in the field of grinders. The grinder has the ability to switch between on demand grind option and pre-grind, so you are still able to grind on demand when less busy but yet have the option to switch to pre-grind during busy times. The grinder gives you consistency and speed and plays a vital role in optimising workflow.

Not last but the least Ubermilk! This piece of kit is absolutely amazing and a must have for any coffee shop, restaurant or hotel. It streamlines the workflow for the barista giving enough time for the barista to engage with customers. It allows you to froth milk touch of a button eliminating milk froth inconsistency, reducing milk wastage, increasing efficiency and speed and training issues. You need to see it to believe it!

There you have it, the top 5 coffee machines for coffee shops, restaurants or hotel.

For more information visit


La Spaziale S50


A strong machine designed to be the protagonist of the space that surrounds it and to be a true furnishing element that can be easily integrated into any location. It was created to celebrate 50 years of the company and it is an element of rupture and novelty with La Spaziale aesthetic tradition, tradition in the heart and innovation in shapes.

All materials are treated to be shock and scratch resistant and to preserve aesthetics over time. A LED system based on RGB technology that also illuminates the worktop and the high-resolution capacitive touch display with a customizable user interface that allows greater interaction, complete the aesthetic offer.

As confirmation of the modernization of the look, numerous internal functions have also been thought, to embrace the new, expanding market trend; we then moved from a second-generation ITC to a last-generation one, which allows different temperatures to be set and adjusted directly from the display for a single dose of each delivery group (ITC 3.0).

Colour availability:
– Red
– Black

NOTE: S50 will be available to pre-order from January with delivery expected towards early March.


Release of Victoria Arduino Eagle One


Related image

Future begins! are you ready?

In this energetic world, Victoria Arduino now presents you ‘EAGLE ONE’, the experienced espresso coffee machine has now became its centre of expression alongside personality towards the coffee shop including the barista. The ‘EAGLE ONE’ is going to be released very soon, with this being said, the latest generation of coffee shops where design, sustainability alongside performance are now determining elements to generate a unique & memorable experience.

Also, the ‘EAGLE ONE’ is a considerable choice for barista’s having passion in creating tasteful coffee. For all professionals, their number one criteria is to delight & make their customers happy every time, or even produce coffee which makes them feel good about themselves alongside brings an excitement when serving. The ‘EAGLE ONE’ is a machine which has been manufactured on doing this.

Furthermore, what makes the ‘EAGLE ONE’ more sustainable…

Sustainability had inspired the whole project on making the ‘EAGLE ONE’. In the latest generation barista, it is essential to have a top range machine in terms of efficiency & energy savings. Moving on, the ‘EAGLE ONE’ still remains more compact compared to other coffee machinery of the same category.
The compact size illustrates more logistics benefits (as its more easy adaptable to any sorts of space including small areas). Profitability, alongside energy efficiency. Smaller machine do, but the downsize is it has less heat dispersion. Also, thanks to latest unique design, new materials are used (aluminum & stainless steel). The ‘NEW’ NEO engine (New Engine Optimization) alongside the innovative technology T.E.R.S (Tempreture Energy Recovery System).

Release date & Pre – Orders:
The release date for the ‘Victoria Arduino Eagle One’ has been planned be for first quarter of 2020, the great news is time is very close and we will be taking pre-orders from January 2020.

– Cool Touch Wand
– Easy Cream
– Group Cover
– Display Touch


2 groups –
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 758 x 576 x 473 mm
Cupwarmer: 336 x 667 mm
Group Height: 105 mm
Power: 500 W
Cupwarmer: 400 W

3 groups:
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 988 x 576 x 473 mm
Cupwarmer: 336 x 897 mm
Group Height: 106 mm
Power 6500 W
Cupwarmer: 500 W





Jura x10:

Image result for jura x10

Jura are releasing the all new bean to cup machine, the  Jura x10 & Jura Cool Control 2.5 litre.

The X10 impresses with its versatility and elegant design, its user – friendliness alongside individuality. The X10, has a professional Aroma grinder which is a high range innovation which delivers its elegant & precise grinding results every time alongside 12.2% more aroma. Many appreciation towards the One -touch function, this also allows you get hold of the imagination with café Barista alongside Lungo Barista.

In addition, to all members who are obsessed with tea, this provides hot water at different sets of levels. By saying this, having its solid, height- adjustable dual spout, this can generate a speciality coffee, or even two beverages simultaneously alongside each other, this can be poured onto glasses or cups by just one touch of the bottom.
The 4.3” high-resolution touchscreen colour display is completely intuitive and easy to navigate around and very responsive.


JURA Cool Control 2.5 litre:

Image result for jura cool control 2.5


The very next machine is the JURA 2.5 Cool Control had a excellent upgrade on their Cool Controls.  Now, there’s even a fantastic way in order to enjoy trend specialities with milk. The JURA 2.5 Cool Control, is a skinny & unique design and it can be used in different areas or location were space is limited. Having being said, the milk coolers elongated shape illustrates that it can rapidly be attached onto the kitchens alongside break rooms.

Furthermore, the JURA Cool Control do reflect the classic of JURA look. Having premium materials, a cover made of top quality 1.5 mm thick stainless steel alongside a elegant ventilation slots accentuate the Cool Control’s design.

Also, the JURA 2.5 Cool Control is very calm to handle with alongside this gives out the maximum convenience. The milk can therefore be poured rapidly and calmly with no need of taking of the milk container.  The digital temperature display alongside having properly stuck on cover can easily make the handling easy for yourself without having any problems.

More information can be found down below: