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Kruve Sifter Six Silver


Kruve Sifter Six - Silver

Kruve is now available, this is a professional ground coffee sifter, this lets you to make changes to flavours of your selected coffee.

The set provides you a Kruve Sifter Silver, six sieves: 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 & 1000 including a sieve holder. This is helpful for espresso and other types of brewing procedures.

The body part of the Kruve Sifter has three aluminium parts & wooden (bamboo) top. But, inside the Kruve there are sieves which are set up for the finest, also including the upper for the boulders. The parts are all fitted correctly and precisely & manufactured by top quality materials.

– Easy to use
– Easy to clean
– Sifted under a minute
– Calibrate your grinder

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Faema X20


Image result for faema x20

The Faema X20 is now available all thanks to the preheated, fully metal group head, you are able to accomplish excellent results including single-origin & speciality coffee with an guaranteed of consistent extraction over time. The Faema X20 can be configured towards Power Station mode for operating supplies of milk-based beverages from two machines beside to each other. X20 Power Station  lets you to maximise the performance for optimal management of all warm milk-based bevarages. Also, the X20’s touchscreen is 7-inches and lets you see all sorts of options on the drinks menu ( Pre-Selection & Group Mode) alongside, generate images displayed by the machine (e.g. screen savers & throughout beverage dispensing. You are able to help out customers when picking their drink with video clips alongside animations.

User friendly, 7″ inch touchscreen easy to use, selection up to 24 drinks, pre-selection mode is available, teflon coated water wand, PGS (Perfect Griding Sytem) which allows to minimise the grind adjustment.

(WxDxH) 370mm x 620mm x 762mm

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Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro Blade Grinder

The Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro Blade comes in 4 models which are ‘Black, Wenge, Bamboo & American Cherry’. These four individual models have different materials of wood for the grinders. The Comandante hand grinder, is one the best hand grinder at the moment in the the market. Majority of the coffee hand grinders, are manufactured to standards with burrs which are sustainable the quality of making. The Comandante C40 was designed in or order to compete against other electronic grinders which are already in the market.

– Available in four styles, ‘Black, Wenge, Bamboo & American Cherry’
-The accuracy of burrs are shaped from an single block of high nitrogen steel, therefore this makes them really strong and consistently make particle sizes.
– Its unstoppable and it is higher ranked towards any other grinders.
– Adjusting the grind is very simple and easy
– It has a stepped grind adjustment, which allows you to count click

– Diameter: 6cm
– Weight: 1.1kg
– Height: 16cm
– Outer burrs size: 39mm
– Inner burrs size: 30mm
– Hopper & Ground capacity: 40 – 45g of coffee



Fellow Stagg EKG Electric

Image result for fellow stagg ekg electric pour-over kettle

It is exciting times for Fellow Stagg EKG electric pour over kettle as it is going to be released soon. We are privileged to have placed a pre-order of the kettle that is due in to us beginning of July 2019. We are encouraging all our customers to pre-order this so to avoid disappointment as we anticipate stock to finish pretty quickly.

The Fellow stagg has an accurate temperature control, therefore this makes the process easier for all brewing types of coffee. This also has a precise profiled gooseneck that allows its user to have a more controlled infusion. This electric kettle provides a built in stopwatch, so this lets you to measure the brewing time of your favourite best coffee. The kettle allows you select your timer on the screen display, but only once the water have reached the temperature. This is also, a unique & elegant electric kettle which is very modern. Its been manufactured by using one of the best stainless steel, where it’s covered by matte black paint.

– Practical Capacity – 900ml
– Variable temperature control from 57 degrees to 100 degrees celsius & Set the temperature in a quick productive way by just turning the knob.
– LCD screen displays gives the temperature in (degrees celsius).
– Unique & elegant design
– Gooseneck provides you the full pour control
– Hold mode, lets you to keep temperature until 60 minutes.
– Kettle automatically turns off after 15 minutes in standby mode.

Watt power – 1200
Dimensions –  29.2 cm x 17.1 cm x 20.3 cm


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Mazzer Robur S Grinder


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ROBUR S combines a high level of usability with superior performance
responding to the needs of a busy café – must have grinder!

Grind Flow Control System – GFC
Get uniform coffee grounds in your portafilter while keeping grounds from getting on the counter with the innovative GFC System. The GFC system consists of a removable aluminum outlet insert equipped with three interchangeable wire dampers. Choose the best wire damper for you according to coffee origin, roast profile, weather conditions or barista preferences.


Ideal for high volume sites
Improves dose consistency and reduces coffee retention by 52%
Excellent grinding speed (1s/5g – 50Hz, 1s/6g – 60Hz)
Low RPM (420 RPM – 50Hz)
Dual fan keeps the cooling system safe from temperature exposure & preserving maximum aroma
Easy system for cleaning of the grinding chamber quickly without losing your grip setting
Grinding adjustment is easy, this was helped from “Memory Track” index
Adjustable Portafilter Holder allows to grind hands free
It is Compatible for Cloud

Dimensions – W x D x H (241mm x 310mm x 720mm
Power – 800 Watt
Grinding blade – 71mm Conical
Grinding blade speed – 420 RPM (50Hz), 500 RPM (60Hz)
Net Weight – 28kg (62 lbs)
Coffee bean container size – 1,6kg (3,5 lbs)

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FREE TRIP TO TURKEY – Golden Coffee Roasters

If you love roasting coffee beans than this offer is just for you! We are giving every customer a chance to experience the opportunity to see first hand how Golden coffee roasters are built from scratch not only that you will get first hand experience in training how to use, maintain and roast coffee by the experts at the factory. You and your partner or maybe a friend will be jetting across to Izmir Turkey with all flights and accommodation paid for.

This offer is only valid for orders on Golden Coffee Roaster GR10 and above, valid until end of 2019.

What this offer includes:
* return flights for 2 adults
* accommodation for 2 adults on bed & breakfast basis
* training on the roasters


* travel to and from airport
* spending costs
* travel insurances
* car parking

More info please email us:

Image result for gr10 roaster



FREE Mythos One Grinder

MAY 2019 OFFER!!

Limited Time Only!

During this month of May, we have an exclusive offer on ‘V.A Black Eagle Gravimetric’ (2 group/3 group), if you place an order you are eligible to receive a free ‘Mythos grinder’ either as an upright purchase or lease.  Also, having this offer for a limited time only ends this May, this is perfect for a existing and new businesses for companies to purchase or lease from.

Taking a lease will benefit you in many ways, no deposit to pay and tax efficient.


Related image

2 group specification:

Power – 7300 W
Voltage – 220 (Range 208-240 V)
Watts – 7100
Amp Draw – 32
Receptacle – Nema 6-50
Steam Wands – 2
Hot Water Wands – 1
Height – 20 Inches
Width – 33 Inches
Depth – 28 Inches
Weight – 235 lbs


Image result for v.a black eagle 3 group

3 group specification:

Power – 7300 W
Voltage – 220 (Range 208-2340 V)
Watts – 9900
Amp Draw – 48
Receptacle – Nema 6-50
Steam Wands – 2
Hot Water Wands – 1
Height – 20 Inches
Width – 43 Inches
Depth – 28 Inches
Weight – 275 lbs

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London Coffee Festival 2019

London Coffee Festival 2019


The celebration of all thing’s coffee is back, and so are we!

The annual London Coffee Festival is one of the world’s largest gathering for everyday coffee connoisseurs and industry professional alike, coming together to celebrate London’s vibrant coffee culture and familiarise themselves with the latest machinery, gadgets and trends.

Coffee Omega will be taking part at this year’s London Coffee Festival 2019 along with 250 other stalls, and we’re bringing some of the coffee industry’s most sought-after machines with us. Coffee Omega’s LFC Stall (M16) will be hosting the Faema E71 and the Faema x30 Bean to Cup machines, two barista favourites. We’re also bringing you the coffee scenes most reputable grinders, the Simonelli Mythos One and Mythos Two (II). And of course, our two personal favourites, the Coffee Omega exclusive Ubermilk, an innovative automatic milk frother which saw a lot of love at last year’s festival, and the Puqpress M2, the world’s first automatic tamper.

Join us at the Old Truman Brewery on the 28th to the 31st of March at stand M16, to see these prestigious machines in action, have a go at using them yourself and ask the team any of your questions. London Coffee Festival 2019 will also be hosting an array of activities including interactive workshops, art exhibitions and the annual Coffee Masters competition, there’s something for everyone.

The Round Up:

Location: Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QR

Date: 28th – 31st March 2019

Coffee Omega Stand: M16

The Products We’re Displaying: Faema E71, Faema x30 Bean to Cup Machine, Mythos One, Mythos Two, Ubermilk, Puqpress M2.

Grab your tickets here:


The Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle – Gravimetric Edition


When the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle debuted at Milan’s HOST In 2013, the coffee industry predicated the machine to dominate the market. Since then, the Black Eagle has been adopted by masses across the world, Coffee Omega being at the forefront of watching its growing success. So, what happens when Victoria Ardunio rolls out a market ready Gravimetric edition of the Black Eagle? You get the Baristas choice of espresso machine of course. The Victoria Arduino Black Eagle – Gravimetric edition uses precision technology to give its users a higher level of consistency and control over their coffee brewing experience, proving its nothing short of a barista’s ‘holy grail’.

The gravimetric technology works by using a built-in scale in the machines drip tray, allowing full control of brewing coffee based on weight, therefore the liquid extracted is measured directly in the cup. This allows the machine to boast its ability to be critical in delivery since the quantity in the cup is programmed beforehand, making sure the consistency in each cup is remained pristine. The monitoring of important factors such as the brewing time and the weight of the cup is easily accessible via the display which sits above the group head. The T3 technology within the Black Eagle’s Gravimetric edition is unmatched, allowing the barista to set three customisable temperatures for the group heads, water infusion and the steam. This gifts the barista thermal accuracy which in turn provides the brewing of the perfect espresso.

Victoria Ardunio’s Black Eagle – Gravimetric edition is among the top contenders when it comes to our recommendations at Coffee Omega, those who want only the best and most suitable coffee machine for their business. However, we understand that cost is one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to picking the ideal machine for your business, and upfront purchases are not always in everyone’s best interest. This is why we at Coffee Omega have created a cost-effective leasing program for our customers, in order for them to own one of the mightiest machines in the market today. Here is exactly what we’re offering:


3 years £510.67 + VAT PCM
5 years £339.41 + VAT PCM

No deposit to pay and it is lease to buy. Subject to status

Package above includes:
V.A Black Eagle 2 Group
Mythos One
Everpure 1500 water filtration kit
12 months p/l warranty
Installation & training
Free barista kit
Free UK delivery


A Storm is Brewing…… Astoria Storm Coffee Machine

Please to announce we will be stocking and supplying one of the finest coffee machines in the market, Astoria Storm. The Storm allows the barista control over every aspect coffee brewing and coffee extraction process making it unique experience.

People who are behind this great design and craftsmanship are truly unique and knowledgeable., they include 3 of the most popular barista’s who have inputted their experience and idea’s making this coffee machine one of the most sort after!

Available as 2 or 3 group configurations

We have some great package deals with grinder, water system, install, training, etc for lease or upright purchase.

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